Joining Pipes

with axial-restraint

Joins: Metal-to-Metal



Ø26.9 to 609.6mm

25 bar to 7 bar


Joining Pipes

without axial-restraint

Joins all pipe materials.

Concrete, glass, metal and plastic.

Ø48.3 to 4000mm

25 bar to 5 bar


Fixed Pipes Joint

wrap-around coupling

Rapid pipe repairs for any pipework materials.

Ø48.3 to 4000mm

16 bar to 4 bar


Damage Control

wrap-around clamp

Rapid pipe repairs for any pipework materials.

Ø44.0 to 440mm

16 bar to 6 bar

International approvals confirm STRAUB's world-wide competence

Marine: STRAUB is MCA approved for use on Marine DRY Fire-Fighting Lines

Water: STRAUB is WRAS Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Approved

Image with approvals that Straub pipe couplings have

Main range of application

The installation of STRAUB pipe repair joint is fast, simple and reliable - even under the most demanding circumstances.

Water line pipe join with Straub pipe coupling

Water & Gas

Water lines
Gas lines
Hydrant lines
Tank lines
Sludge lines
Drainage line
Chemical lines
Airation lines

Straup pipe coupling joining groundwork line.

Groundworks & Industry

Sanitary lines
Fire fighting lines
Ventilation lines
Cooling lines
Lubrication lines
Utility lines
Fuel lines
Penstock lines
Turbine lines

Straub pipe joining in ships fuel lines

Shipbuilding & Offshore

Fire fighting lines
Vent lines
Sea water cooling systems
Ballast lines
Fuel lines